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(repost from www.angrybrownbutch.com/)

Gael Guevara, a collective member of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, is personally organizing efforts to raise money for Mariah Lopez’s bail. Note that this is a personal effort and not one being organized by SRLP or another organization; therefore, donations must be made in one of the following ways:

1. Stop by the SRLP office, where Gael works, to drop off the money early next week - 322 8th Ave, 3rd Floor, NYC (the entrance itself is on 26th Street).
2. Make a donation directly from your bank account using PayPal.com, sending it to the account of jesse(*at*)tmcnetwork(*dot*)com
3. Credit card donations can only be accepted through the PayPal account of merch(*at*)tmcnetwork(*dot*)com; however, PayPal charges a fee for credit card transactions, so free bank account transactions sent to the jesse account is preferred if at all possible.

As of early Saturday afternoon, $576 of the $1500 bail had already been raised, with $924 left to go. Since bail is only paid to ensure that the defendant won’t flee the charges, the money will be returned at the end of the trial and will then be split between the New Jersey 4 campaign of FIERCE! and the Safe OUTside the System Collective of the Audre Lorde Project. So your one donation will actually be a donation to three important causes at once.

For more info on the case or the fundraising efforts, please contact Gael at wapinpana(*at*)yahoo(*dot*)com.
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this winter i wrote a zine about my dad. it's about family & life & vision & politics & south africa & coming out as trans to dead people. i just made more copies. this is your chance to speak up if you want one, whether this is the first you've heard of it, or you asked before & i never sent one.

you can also order it from ciaraxyerra's distro, learning to leave a paper trail. here's the description ciara wrote for it on there:

"this zine is the evolution of timothy's fun-a-day project... everyday for a month, timothy wrote about his father, who died in early 2003. much of what timothy wrote, he kept for himself, but some of it was edited & compiled into this zine--a sort of meandering through timothy's childhood & relationship with his father, with stories about the political activity his father participated in while living in south africa, stories about visiting him in the hospital while he was sick, letters to his father explaining timothy's transition to being a boy, journal pieces about grief & missing his father, trying to remember the small details that fade away over time, stories about learning to talk about the loss & the relationship with friends. this is really a must-read zine for anyone who has ever coped with a death, especially the death of a parent. even though timothy's relationship with his father is unique to their own interpersonal dynamic, a lot of broader ideas in here about loss & memory resonated a lot with me & my own experience of my father dying. the focus here is on the text & the stories that timothy chooses to share. the only picture is a map of south africa. in some ways, it's a hard zine to read, because it is hard to read about death. but it's also really empowering to see someone's document of their memories, their struggle to retain a relationship with someone who is gone."
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Early in the morning on July 17, Mariah Lopez, a young Latina transgender woman and community activist, got arrested after she went to the police department to file a complaint about getting beaten up in the West Village. She has been in jail since then, held on bail ($1.500) that she cannot afford to pay.

Since she has been in jail, we have had reports that:

* She was first taken to a women’s jail, then ordered to drop her pants to show her genitals so they could decide if she belonged there. When she refused a ‘genital check,’ she was moved to a hospital and then lock-in (isolation) in a men’s jail.
* She had her clothing, bra, and underwear withheld from her.
* A male prisoner sexually harassed and assaulted her.
* An officer assaulted her.

Mariah’s lawyer got her case moved up and is making an argument about her bail this Tuesday. She has asked that as many people as possible come to court because a strong showing of community support will help her argument. It also means a lot to Mariah to know that there are people on the outside who care about what’s happening to her.

The details:
Tuesday, August 7
Criminal Court, 100 Centre St., Part B on the fourth floor (all the way to the right)
The time is never sure, but it will probably in the late morning—be there by 10:30!

Please come if you can—your presence will increase the chances that Mariah will get out of jail and cut short the abuse she’s facing there!

Gabriel Arkles
Staff Attorney
Sylvia Rivera Law Project
322 8th Ave. 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10001
(212) 337-8550 ext. 113
fax (212) 337-1972
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also, go to www.myspace.com/justice4erika to add the Justice 4 Erika Keels Campaign as your myspace friend.
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1. Sign our community support letter at http://www.petitiononline.com/ErikaK/petition.html.

2. Get organizations you're in or connected to sign on to the letter. (Organizations should email Justice4Erika@gmail.com to confirm their support.)

3. Come to the demonstration on Thursday, June 14 at noon @ 6th and Arch in Center City Philadelphia.

4. Sign up for email updates on the campaign (email Justice4Erika@gmail.com)

5. Spread the word. Write letters to local newspapers. Ask everyone you know to sign on to the letter.

in love & struggle,

For those of you who don't know the details, here is some background information:

On March 22, witnesses saw an assailant intentionally run over Erika Keels four times after ejecting her from his car at Broad and Thompson streets in North Philadelphia, killing her and leaving the scene. A medical examiner’s report supports these eyewitness accounts. But police have ruled the death of this 20-year-old African American transwoman an accident and have refused to conduct an investigation. The driver, Roland Button, was later apprehended, but he has yet to face criminal charges—even “hit and run.” When Ms. Keels’ friends, who are themselves trans, questioned police officials about the classification of her death as an accident, they were asked to disclose their “birth” names and told they were “trying to make something out of nothing.”
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right, so that project i was talking about.

i wrote about my dad every day in january, then edited it down into a zine. it's about family & life & vision & politics & death & what he gave to me.

i made it into a zine because it feels important to share it with people. comment or let me know if you want a copy.

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When it All Comes Crashing Down: Navigating Crisis
by the icarus project

Too often, we don’t get help or identify our problems until we’ve reached a total breaking point. When you or someone close to you goes into crisis it can be the scariest thing to ever happen. You don’t know what to do but it seems like someone’s life might be at stake or they might get locked up, and everyone around is getting more stressed and panicked. Everyone knows a friend who has been there, or has been there themselves. Someone’s personality starts to make strange changes, they’re not sleeping or sleeping all day, they lose touch with the people around them, they disappear into their room for days, they have wild energy and outlandish plans, they start to dwell on suicide and hopelessness, they stop eating or taking care of themselves, they start taking risks and being reckless. They become a different person. They’re in crisis.

please read this. it's important.Collapse )
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oh amalle and i made more copies of our zine headlock
so if you want one and you didn't get one the first time around, let me know.

it looks like this:

it's 1/8 legal sized and 32 pages, it's it's all about love and friendship and obligation, the junk food of summer, changing seasons, death, and parents. also featuring: comics, my curry recipe, how to play our new favorite game.

and it's also available at learning to leave a paper trail, ciaraxyerra's distro.
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Enough about me for a little while; I want to talk about you. Rather, I want you to talk about you. That's right, I'm doing the Confessional Entry.

Leave me a comment, and tell me anything you want. Confess something. Tell me a big secret. Or a little one. Tell me something silly, or something that's been really bothering you lately.

Anonymous comments are allowed, no IP logging, etc. C'mon make my day.

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